Kokomo Photographer – Testimonials

kokomophotographer-05This part of our website is dedicated to people with whom we have worked in the past and who wanted to share their impressions of the work Kokomo Photographer has done for them with the rest of the world. The interesting thing is that we did not have to ask anyone for their testimonials. People approached us and wanted to share their experiences with Kokomo Photographer without any influence from us or anyone else. So, here they are.

My experience with Kokomo Photographer dates back to the late 90s when they just began working. They were still a small studio in Kokomo, Indiana and they were doing all kinds of work on local level. It was my wedding and my father decided to go with these guys because he knew the owner and he knew that they would give their best. And they truly did. Remember, this was back in the day when not everyone had professional photographers at their weddings and when you really had to look for someone to do the job for you. The photographs that Kokomo Photographer did of my wedding are still the best photos that I have and everyone who sees the photos asks me and my husband about who did them for us. They cannot believe that Kokomo Photographer started as a small, local studio, although it is easier for them to believe that these photos are real. They are just perfect in any way.

Tiffany Evans, Kokomo, IN

When our little brewery was just finding its way onto the local market for beers made in microbreweries, we knew that we need to have at least some professionaly done photos that we could use in our advertisements and in magazines. We decided to go with the Kokomo Photographer studio and we never looked back. This was three years ago and they still do all of our photography work. It is just incredible what they managed to do for us. First of all, they managed to capture the spirit of our brewery in every single one of their photos and we still hear from people who got interested in our products from seeing the photos in trade magazines. We are using their photos for our billboards, for our website and everything else. We would never work with anyone but Kokomo Photographer.

George Stone, IN

kokomophotographer-06I work for the City Council of Indianapolis, IN and last year we organized a huge charity marathon that was aimed at collecting the funds for the Obstetric wing of one of the city’s hospitals. We wanted to have someone capture the event for us and we approached Kokomo Photographer. When they heard what the event was all about, they did the entire job for free. And trust me when I tell you that they did not cut any corners just because they were not paid. I am pretty sure that they have done better job than anyone else could, even after being paid the full price. Incredible people from Kokomo Photographer have really done their share for Indianapolis.

Greta Howard

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What you get when you hire Kokomo Photographer

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Kokomo Photographer – about us

Kokomo Photographer, as the name suggests, is a professional photography studio that started in Kokomo, Indiana but that has become one of the leading professional photography services in the entire state, with its headquarters currently in Indianapolis. It is a studio that offers various kinds of professional photography services, [...] Continue Reading…